Jesse Turek was formally educated in the field of Interior Design in Los Angeles, California. After working for a handful of design firms for seven years, Jesse embarked on his own and designed several homes throughout Southern California while traveling periodically to New York for inspiration. With his passion to expand his knowledge in design through travel and the study of other cultures’ living habits, he relocated to New York so travels to the Eastern Hemisphere were more accessible. Through trips to countries like Morocco, Spain and Italy, his design style has been enriched by adopting bits and pieces of other cultures way of living. This is one of Jesse’s passions…the way people live. His study and observation of people and their surroundings allows for him to coach his clients on honing in on their own personal aesthetic and flair.

Jesse designs while always knowing that his clients have their own quirks and style. Even though at times most clients don’t really know what their aesthetic is, Jesse is always able to counsel his clients and help them focus on what they really want and need for their homes, functionally and decoratively. After all, the space belongs to the client and should evoke their personality and not that of the designer. Jesse always leads his work with this in mind.

After fourteen years of designing tudors, mid-century homes, beach houses, bungalows and pied-à-terres, Jesse is still approached with new and interesting design requests and enjoys working with his clientele to determine what is best suited for them and their families. Jesse’s admiration of classic and modern forms and the appreciation of interesting decorative objects help to enrich the spaces he designs. He believes that everyone is entitled to have a home that uplifts and nurtures their lives.

Jesse Turek resides in New York City and Bucks County, PA and when he's not designing homes he can be found antique shopping, sourcing flea market finds and creating pottery at the wheel.